User Experience

The Difference Between UI and UX

According to the user-experience research firm Nielsen-Norman Group:

UX is not UI, it’s like an unwritten law. When you read about a website’s usability, you need to think about its user interface (UI). User Interface is a set of various visual elements such as menus, buttons and icons that your visitors use (click on, hover on, tap on) when they interact with your website.

Usability is a quality that describes User Interface (UI). Usability shows the efficiency of the UI such as how easy it is to use a website (learnability), how fast users can achieve specified goals (efficiency), how easily they can recollect their memories about the way the site works (memorability), and how pleasant it is to use (user satisfaction).

Usability is one aspect of a more complicated notion called user experience (UX). User experience involves everything that affects the experience of the user – either negatively or positively. A good UX meets every need of prospective customers – good usability and many other things.

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